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Is the BMW i8 Expensive to Maintain?

Curious about the BMW i8? Discover if the sleek and sporty icon lives up to its allure. Is the BMW i8 expensive to maintain?

However, like many other luxury cars, it can cost you a pretty penny to maintain. In this article, we will explore the costs of maintaining a BMW i8, including its maintenance schedule, anticipated repairs, and overall cost of ownership.

Maintenance Schedule

The BMW i8 has a routine maintenance schedule, which is necessary to keep the car in peak condition. BMW recommends that you have the i8 serviced if 10,000 miles or a year pass, whichever comes first. The maintenance consists of tire rotation, oil change, brake inspection, and a check of all systems. While this maintenance routine may seem typical, expenses can add up quickly.

Anticipated Repairs

Over time, every car requires repairs, and the i8 is no exception. The BMW i8 has features unique to hybrid vehicles, such as battery cells. The battery cells are an essential component of the car; if they require replacement, the cost can be high. Other repairs that may be necessary include replacing the charging cord, fixing electrical issues, and replacing the tires. It’s important to note that while these repairs can be expensive, many can be avoided with proper maintenance and care.

Cost of Ownership


The cost of ownership for a BMW i8 can change based on many variables, such as maintenance costs, purchase price, miles driven, and resale value. On average, the BMW i8 has a higher purchase price than most other cars. It’s essential to factor in its overall cost of ownership when making such a significant investment. In addition, maintenance, repairs, and upkeep costs can increase over time, especially if the vehicle is driven more frequently than the average car.

DIY Repairs

While some repairs for the BMW i8 may require a professional mechanic, many can be done at home. Performing minor repairs can be a cost-effective alternative to taking the car to the dealership or a professional mechanic. However, it’s essential to note that if you attempt a repair and are not confident in your abilities, you could do more harm than good, increasing repair costs in the long run.

BMW i8’s Complex Engineering

The BMW i8 is a complex machine. It’s a hybrid sports car that combines a three-cylinder gas engine with an electric motor, which is no easy feat. The complex engineering required to create such a vehicle typically translates to higher-than-average maintenance costs. This is because the more complex a car’s design, the more expensive it is to repair. Additionally, the i8 has unique design elements, such as the scissor doors, that can add to its maintenance costs.

High-End Parts and Labor Costs

Another factor contributing to the BMW i8’s maintenance costs is the high-end parts that make up the vehicle. For example, if it fails, the i8’s lithium-ion battery is expensive to replace. Additionally, the car’s carbon fiber body parts are costly to repair or replace if damaged. Finally, BMW service centers typically charge higher labor rates due to the complexity of the car’s design.

Scheduled Maintenance Costs

Like every vehicle, the BMW i8 requires routine upkeep to guarantee that it remains in good working order However, the cost of the BMW i8’s scheduled maintenance is higher than that of a regular gasoline vehicle. For example, the BMW i8 has a unique cooling system that requires additional maintenance. Additionally, the car’s advanced electronics and software require specialized training and maintenance tools, so BMW service centers charge a premium for this service.

Warranty Coverage

One factor that can help offset the BMW i8’s maintenance costs is its warranty coverage. BMW offers a four-year, 50,000-mile warranty on the i8 that covers most repairs. Additionally, the car’s lithium-ion battery is covered by an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty. However, it’s important to note that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or maintenance costs.

Tips for Lowering BMW i8 Maintenance Costs

While the BMW i8 is a high-performance vehicle that requires specialized care, there are ways to lower its maintenance costs. For example, some independent repair shops specialize in hybrid and electric vehicles and may offer lower labour rates than a BMW service centre. Additionally, you can take steps to take care of your i8, such as keeping it clean and properly maintained, to prolong the life of its components.

In conclusion, the BMW i8 is a beautiful, high-performance vehicle requiring routine maintenance to run smoothly. While the cost of ownership and upkeep can be significant, some steps can be taken to minimize these costs.

The key is to stick to the maintenance schedule, perform DIY repairs if possible, and avoid modifying the car that could void the warranty. With the right care and attention, a BMW i8 can provide years of enjoyment, making it a worthwhile investment for car enthusiasts who enjoy a fast, luxurious ride.


How much does BMW i8 maintenance cost?

From oil changes to wear and tear, car maintenance can add up, and if you’re looking at purchasing a BMW i8, those things can add up quickly. The Average Maintenance cost for BMW i8 is around $3,200 per year. Of that, $1,200 would go toward regular maintenance and $2000 toward for typical repairs.

Is a BMW maintenance plan worth it?

Typically, maintenance from independent repair shops is less expensive than that of the BMW maintenance plan. It might not be worth it to drive 15,000 miles or less annually on average. But if your car has a lot of miles on it, the maintenance plan might be more beneficial.

Is the BMW i8 a good car?

The i8 suffers from the same light steering we’ve criticized in many current BMWs. We prefer more feedback, especially in a vehicle with sporting intentions. The ride is surprisingly civil and bumps in the road are felt, but never harshly.

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