2017 Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian



TRIM: 3.0T Premium

MILEAGE: 10,989 miles

STOCK #: PA7107


TRANSMISSION: Automatic 7-Speed


EXTERIOR COLOR: Black Obsidian


FUEL: Gasoline

  • Moonroof
  • Sunroof
  • Navigation
  • Audio Controls on Steering Wheel


Unleash Power and Performance

Elevate Your Driving Experience

Experience luxury and performance with the 2017 Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian. This extraordinary coupe is designed to thrill, combining sleek aesthetics with formidable power. With its bold lines, captivating design, and cutting-edge technology, this vehicle ensures every journey is unforgettable.

Uncompromising Power

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you sit behind the Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian wheel. Powered by a robust engine, this car delivers exceptional performance that will ignite your senses. The 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine unleashes a staggering [insert horsepower] horsepower, propelling you from 0 to 60 mph in mere seconds. Whether navigating city streets or conquering the open road, this coupe offers an exhilarating driving experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Precision Handling

Engineered with precision and finesse, the Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian provides dynamic handling and control. Its advanced suspension system and intelligent all-wheel drive ensure optimal traction and stability, even in challenging conditions. Every twist and turn becomes an opportunity to showcase this exceptional vehicle’s remarkable agility and responsiveness. Prepare to dominate the road with confidence and grace.

Exquisite Design and Craftsmanship

Unparalleled Elegance

Step into a world of sophistication with the 2017 Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian. From its striking exterior to its meticulously crafted interior, this coupe exudes elegance at every angle. The sleek lines, sculpted curves, and black obsidian finish create a visual masterpiece that commands attention wherever it goes. Prepare to turn heads and make a bold statement on the road.

Luxurious Comfort

Indulge in a world of luxury coupe within the Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian’s exquisitely designed cabin. Sink into plush leather seats that embrace you in comfort while the ergonomic layout places every control at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in the refined ambiance, surrounded by premium materials and sophisticated finishes. This sanctuary is where elegance meets ultimate comfort, making every drive a truly indulgent experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian seamlessly blends advanced technology with intuitive features. Stay connected and entertained with the state-of-the-art infotainment system, offering seamless integration with your devices. The innovative driver-assistance features provide peace of mind and enhance safety on every journey. From the premium audio system to intelligent navigation, this coupe has everything you need to elevate your driving experience to new heights.

Unleash Your Style

Unforgettable Presence

Make a bold statement on the road with the Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian. Its captivating design and attention to detail create an aura of prestige that sets you apart from the crowd. This is a vehicle that demands attention and leaves a lasting impression. Every element, from the distinctive grille to the sleek LED headlights, has been meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of power, sophistication, and style.

Personalized Expression

The Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian allows you to express your individuality. Choose from a range of customizable options to make this coupe uniquely yours. Select from various interior trims, wheel designs, and color combinations to create a vehicle that reflects your taste and style. With endless possibilities, you can make a statement that resonates with your personality and leaves a lasting impression.

Uncompromising Performance and Style

The Infiniti Q60 Black Obsidian strikes the perfect balance between performance and style. While its powerful engine and agile handling deliver exhilarating drives, its sophisticated sleek design ensures you arrive with the utmost style and elegance. This is a vehicle that captures attention not only for its high-performance vehicle but also for its captivating aesthetics. Prepare to redefine what it means to drive in style.

VEHICLE AWD 3.0T Premium 2dr Coupe
KILOMETERS 10,989 km
COLOR Black Obsidian
TRANSMISSION Automatic 7-Speed


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