Toyota Hilux GR Sport For Sale – Top-Spec 204hp Pickup With Added Attitude

Toyota Hilux GR Sport for sale – top-spec 204hp pickup with added attitude

  • New top-of-the-range pickup with racing pedigree
  • Upgraded suspension promises improved drive
  • Bespoke looks, lots of standard kit

The Hilux GR Sport comes as a Double Cab model only, and still offers 3,500kg towing capacity and over 1,000kg of payload – albeit not at the same time.


Toyota Hilux GR Sport For Sale

Buy Toyota Hilux GR Sport for sale. It’s not often we see the word Sport added to a pickup truck without cracking up with laughter, so let’s see if we can keep a straight face here.

The good news is that this is more than just a current Toyota Hilux gr sport v6 with some stuck-on bodywork modification. Working with Toyota Gazoo Racing – the Japanese giant’s motorsport department, and the GR in the 2022 toyota hilux gr sport – results in a Hilux with upgraded suspension and appearance.

These changes promise you improved on-road handling, making it easier to enjoy the 204hp 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine more of the time.

What are the suspension changes for the Hilux GR Sport?

To sharpen the Hilux GR Black Sport’s responses, Toyota has fitted stiffer front springs and new ‘monotube’ shock absorbers – painting the new components red to make the change visible.

These improvements deliver significant improvements in handling characteristics, including steering effort and steering angle response, straight-line performance, a flat ride, and a reassuring roll and rear grip feel. Toyota Hilux gr sport 2022 was also introduced in conjunction with the 2.8-liter engine in late 2020.

What we’re not so convinced about at this distance is the additional claim that it also improves ride comfort – this is not something you’d usually associate with stiffer springs. However, the theory goes that the monotube damper design’s faster reactions and better high-performance capability increase perceived comfort while reducing body roll.

The standard Hilux gr sport Specs is still one of the more jittery options on the market, even after the 2020 facelift, so we’re intrigued and keen to have a go as soon as possible.

We’re also not super keen on the interior, which combines a red dashboard stripe with blue door illumination and fake carbon fiber inlays. But the seats look nicely upholstered in a leather and synthetic suede mix with red perforations and contrast stitching. There’s also a GR logo on the headrests, plus aluminum pedals to play with.

How’s the performance part?

The 204hp engine is a gutsy unit, also producing 500Nm of torque. It’s paired in the GR Sport with an automatic gearbox as standard, a limited-slip differential, and ‘Active Traction Control’ – the latter elements focus more on off-road capability than sliding round corners.


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